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is where one man puts is dick inside another mans forskin.
i love space-docking when im just about to blow my load
by martindisorder March 01, 2009
When two men touch their penises together tip to tip and one man rolls the foreskin of his penis over the penis of the other man. It is necessary that one man is uncircumcised.
Sarah just caught Brian and Jarryd space docking in the closet.
by jizzle mc jizzle September 07, 2010
When a female recieves a fat poop from a male or female straight onto or into her vagina.
My friend could be described to be space docking as he was having sex with a nasty random when she demanded he take a shit on her. He proceeded to tell her to pull her legs toward her head as she spread her lips with her fingers and he shat in her pussy.
by Rufys May 16, 2007
The act of being a Space Docker. To shit in a condom and place within a freezer. After freezing overnight insert the solified dump up your loved ones rusty bullet hole.

Predominatly space docking is a past-time of the gays in the south of England. Completely unheard of in the north where more hetrosexual activity is the norm.
'Dave are you sure it is normal to put frozen shit in a rubber johnny up my arse?'

'Yes Jim, it's called space docking. Now get here and prepare to be boarded'
by Dazza2003 August 08, 2006
This involves 2 people. One person takes a big long poop and wraps it in plastic wrap. Then you put it in the freezer. When frozen, take out and insert into the other's anus!
Eddie loves space docking with Mike
by King Flump April 10, 2003
it is were two people does not matter of gender shit into each others ass or other orpheuses
I space-docked into his ass and he space-docked into mine, I Just love the feel of space-docking
by smart_ass_homie January 04, 2009
Takes two homosexual men. One man opens up his penis hole and the other inserts his penis.
Joe was caught by his mom space docking with Alphonso.
by Pulbox September 10, 2005