Sex position where the female ties her legs to a ceiling fan, spins in circles nude, and the male has various attempts to pork her.
My woman was too fat when we tried the space cowboy, and the fan broke.
by Derek Allison January 17, 2005
When having sex in space doing the cowboy position. The reason we say cowboy, is because only men are allowed in space, and for that matter, out of the kitchen.
Man...Neil Armstrong sure loves being a space cowboy!
by Shance la pance. August 13, 2010
A term derived from the movie Toy Story.

Buzz = Space Man
Woody = Cowboy

Hence, the term Space Cowboy refers to a bestfriend figure like how in the movie Toy Story, Buzz and Woody were the child's favourite toys and also his favourite friends.
Some people call me the Space Cowboy
Some call me the gangster love
by transterhuynh November 28, 2009
An irritating discussion board troll who likes to put others down in a poor attempt to make himself look good.

Unfortunately he has yet to realise that his online persona is pathetic, at best, and that other posters regard him as nothing more than an irritating has-been.
Space Cowboy is so taupe.
by A. Poster January 21, 2005
Gay as a teletubbie on parade, although not nearly as exciting, and as equally worthwhile.
Oh, Space_Cowboy's here.

/ignore Space_Cowboy
by quickbrownfox September 08, 2004
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