A utensil that resembles a fork and spoon. Usually has a round holding area and 3-4 tips that protrude out of the end. Sporks are usually made of plastic and come in public school lunches to save on the number of utensils and amount of plastic having to be used.

Also used as a verb:
To poke/stab usually in a playful or non-threatening manner.
I got a spork along with my napkin and straw.
by Luna August 25, 2004
Top Definition
sp0rking someone is to trick a victim into loading up a nasty virus or trojan, or in short, a destructive file.

Originated from myg0t
"I sp0rked this n00b bad"
"Aww crap, someone sp0rked me. It destroyed my computer."
by Omni-Zero August 08, 2005
A nonsensical word that is randomly said as an exclaimation
by GenEX June 19, 2003
Another name for a n00b in the drum'n'bass room on Soulseek.
(gloaming101) is there a technical name for a person who used to be an annoying n00b, then went away, and then came back?

(cannabinoid) yeah I would say a sp00n

(cannabinoid) or a sp0rk

(gloaming101) sp0rk is good

And so the sp0rk was born.
by Evil Lu February 20, 2005
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