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an acronym for South Padre 2003, the successor to sp02
All sp02 alumni are welcome to add to sp03's list.
by Arboreal Primate March 20, 2003
The neat feeling you get after you piss.
I hope ya'll enjoy the wonderful delightment of SP03.
by AznMenace March 20, 2003
The only thing better then orgasim.
If i don't get to experince sp03, the shit will hit the fan.
by sp02 alumni March 20, 2003
a special opportunity for exhilarating experiences such as streaking, burning badly on the skin, tennis ball games, and other enjoying moments
Stop him!!!!...........He's naked again!!!!!!
by cool sp02 alum March 20, 2003
Your so sp03 you get to sleep with matt.
by CAREaboutJenuises March 20, 2003
sp03:goulies as catnip:cats
Holy shit did you see that cat all up over that cat-nip? Yeah... well just wait...
by calbano March 20, 2003
the coolest thing ever; only losers won't be present
ohh're not goin to sp03? you're a friggin loser face head
by cool sp02 alum March 20, 2003
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