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just a weird way of saying sorry!
Billy: did you bring that book in for me?
Kate: ahh sozza mate i left it at home
Billy: never mind, don't wozza
by uizbaresadinit November 14, 2006
An offhandish, insincere term used to express regret or apologies in a sarcastic manner. Mainly used in Britain, West Midland areas.
"OMG u have just used up the rest of the cereal and not left me any you cow!"
"Sozza *grins behind back*"
by Kerry Wheeler January 03, 2008
An annoying word to say sorry to a person you dont care about/or when you dont really mean it.
*Trips an annoying girl*
You: Sozza!
by TrulyBangerz November 08, 2013

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