any person who are from the states of virginia, north carolina, south carolina, alabama, georgia, florida, tennesee, mississippi,texas,louisiana, and arkansas. Contrary to popular belief of ignorant yankees who only visit certains parts of the south the south is the most populated region in the U.S. followed by the West coast.So lets do a comparison so the yankees can see the difference or make them more jealous of us.

Georgia- one of the fastest growing states of the u.s. home to the 9th most populated metro area in the U.S. Atlanta with a metro area of 5.1 million ppl and growing also home to CNN which all you yankees watch to find out whats going on with the world.

Texas- the 2nd most populated state in the u.s. behind california also contains 2 major cities that are in the top 10 largest cities and in the top 10 largest metro areas.

Virginia- started southern culture and american culture as a whole. Home to most concentrated army, naval, and air force bases in the whole U.S. and the world so if u wanna serve uncle sam nine times out of 10 you yankees gon be stationed in Virginia.Also started Aol which all you yankees use. Only 5 metro areas in the U.S. have more fortune 500 companies than the Richmond metro area. Hampton roads the largest natural ice free harbor in the world.

North Carolina- a major financial and banking institution in the U.S. also another fast growing southern state in the recent u.s. census it over threw new jersey to become the 10th most populated state. What wait isn;t Jersey a northern state hmmmmmm.

Mississippi- even though its one the most poorest states in the u.s. they still are the No.1 most giving state when it comes to charity good example of southern hospitality.

Florida- sometimes and sometimes not included as southern but none the less its the 4th most populated state in the u.s. expected to overtake new york in the next census to become the 3rd most populated state in the u.s. home to the florida oranges, great year round tourist destination also a yankee playground but ya'll talk bad about the south hmmmmm.

Louisiana- Home to the most unique city in the world New Orleans what city you know can throw a party at somebody funeral?????????????? Even their food and lifestyle set them apart and in there own little world from you Yankees.

Tennesee- Home to Nashville the city of country music and a fast growing metro area which is an estimated 1.5 million. Memphis home of the blues and the 17th largest city in the u.s.

Arkansas- home to one of the biggest chain stores and major fortune 500 company in the u.s. that's right Wal-mart.

Alabama- contrary to what ya'll believe yes i said y'all alabama is a progressive state why do ya'll think they have a toyota and bmw plant located in there state must have been doing something good.

South carolina- home to the of the most visited beache in the south Myrtle beach.

Need any more evidence hell here's my last piece of evidence Gawc worlds cities count 6 southern cities that have international influence 4 of which are gamma cities they are Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and Miami,if u wanna count Miami. and 2 with small evidence of become world cities which are Richmond V.a. and Charlotte. Need I say more???????????????

so stop putting down the south yea we may have been backwards back in the day but now we coming together and taking the lead in the u.s.
yankee: man my neighbors just packed up and moved and said that there moving to the south

Yankee 2: yea whats up with all the people moving down there

Southerner walks in the neighborhood.

Yankee 2: hey where you from

southerner:im from virginia.

Both Yankees: Virginia??????? what are you doing up north

southerner: o we just looking for places to buy a condo in for when we need a quick break from the southern life.

Yankee: condo????????? but your from the south your suppose to be broke.

Southerner: thats what we want ya"ll to think maybe if ya"ll stop spending your money on low fat lattes, and upscale sushi ya'll can have money like us
by da va kid May 22, 2007
Top Definition
1) A general term for a person that lives in the South.

2) A person that lives in the South. Most of them are friendly, good-humored, and overall: AWESOME! Southerners, being a general term, know the difference between a good ol' boy,a redneck, a hillbilly, and po' white trash. YES, PEOPLE! THERE ARE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THEM!
Southerners are AWESOME!
by Becca Hayter March 26, 2004
Just so you know not everyone in the south is a racist. I live in the south and always have, but have friends of every race. I'm also not ignorant or dumb in any way. Northerners can't blame us for a dumb president being elected because last time I checked the whole country votes for president, and I don't support him in any of his decisions. Everyone from the north just assumes they know what it is to be a southerner, obviously because you have met us all. I will not lie and say that there are not ignorant people in the south, but everyone up north is not a genesis. I'm not trying to be rude to any one who is from the north, even though some of you deserve it from your comments. I have friends who are from the north some that I even consider to be very close friends. I just didn't realize so many northerners were so judgmental. Don't make generalizations of people that you have never met. Stop worrying about peoples lives in the south, and take a look at your own. You can't hate us all just because you hate where we come from. I'm proud of where I come from. We love it in the south so stop hating.
By the way the majority of us can have an intelligent conversation. Just most times we prefer our southern slang. We do have country accents, but that is just part of our culture. Just so you know not everyone in the south enjoys country music like you all think. I actually prefer hip-hop and R&B. Most of us do have a lot of hospitality, but there are also many who don't.
Most southerners are very intelligent.
We are not all rednecks.
Southern = me
by Paige ReNae August 18, 2007
1) A person of any race or ethnicity (White, Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, that was born in the southern US States of:

North Carolina
South Carolina

AKA Best people in the world.
Ah, good ol' southerners. Nicest people ever!
by AC January 11, 2006
One who identifies with Southern culture and/or customs
John Whelchel is a southerner
by WhatI'lldotoberight December 31, 2008
people that don't like homosexuals
Did you hear about those southerners that killed the homosexual?
by RCPK May 18, 2008
In my opinion, the south is a nice place to live. I actually do have an education, I don't practice incest, I don't have an 'atrocious' accent, in fact none of my words sound at all like they have any accent to them at all (I know, this is amazing, as I'm a stupid southerner right?), I'm not prejudiced, and I'm not retarded as most would like to say I am. I do disregard most of the prejudiced comments made by northerners. I don't even say y'all. I mean, if you want to talk about people that are described by the examples I have just mentioned, call them rednecks. There is a difference between these two classes of people. Rednecks do have an atrocious accent and are sometimes prejudiced (not always). If you're going to put comments such as have been posted before about southerners, re-title them "redneck" "white trash" or something else. I know that most of the northerners call us stupid and generalize all of us into one group. That is just not the case. I'm sorry, it really isn't. You all call us prejudiced, yet look at your own comments. I'm tolerant of all races. I even have friends from New York who I constantly have to hear putting down the south. But I tolerate it, and I move on. Wow, aren't I such a southerner, what with my horrible grammar and lack of an education. I also don't think the south will rise again. I prefer our nation united, as there are good contributions from every part of the country. At least I'm not insulting northerners. ;]
Northerner: I'm going to post something on the internet about southerners! This will be completely based on opinion and backed up by absolutely no facts at all!

Southerner: Hmm, this description of southerners is definitely a bit misled.
by A displeased southerner July 26, 2008
Someone originally from one of these states: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and a scarce few parts of Florida. You can not become a Southerner, you must be "Natural Born." Being a Southerner entails being appropriated to the best food, music, lifestyle, and attitudes in the world. There is nothing that can't be sorted out between two proper Southern gentlemen. "Southerner" is not to be associated with redneck or hillbilly, as these are terms for white trash and can be found anywhere in the country, not limited to the south. If you are in fact lucky enough to have a true Southerner as a friend, you will have at least one friend for the rest of your life. All Southerners are not "country," as it were, but country is for more accurate than "redneck" as country just means, from a rural area.
Being a proper Southerner myself, I find it inescapably vexing to be considered in the same league as a redneck.
by The_Grizz March 02, 2009

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