usually occurs during oral sex when the recipiant grabs
the intender by the ears,forcing said intenders face to
be thrust into the unwashed pubis or rectum.
Carrie grabbed me by my ears and woukdn't let go until
I muffed her sour patch.
by driver_im8 June 16, 2009
Top Definition
A term for a woman's nasty vagina.
Stay away from her, I heard she has a sour patch!
by jendaswims April 15, 2009
To do something horrible to a person and then give them a hug and smile.
Punch someone in the kidney and give them a hug.
EX2: Me: SOURPATCH Friend: Wha? *Punches friend with brass knuckles and hugs him* Friend: aww its okay
by Kaleb....shady kaleb.... July 14, 2010
a series of things a person must do to gain someones forgiveness.
Did you hear Mari ate a lizzard as a part of her sour patches to Nicholle?!?! Ew.
by Imsorryjo! June 11, 2010
(1)A human orifice, bodily opening, or mortal wound that is infected, or is excreting bodily waste. (2) An asshole. (3) A southerner's snack.
(1) Bonnie: Fuck you, Billy!
Billy: Suck on my sourpatch!
(2) Carl: I could suck on a sourpatch
for hours.
by Frank Monroe September 20, 2004
People who are rude and then act like they are your best friend. Its confusing.
Those Sour Patches! They just don't understand the point of "go away!"
by GDOGTHEBOMB May 25, 2016
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