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A rather esoteric term meaning: One marked by unusual and impressive intellectual acuteness and possessing a large penis.
The rather soupie and pulchritudinous monkey with the wooden leg was a dandy with the ladies.
by J. Webster February 26, 2004
16 12
A resident of the Mid-Wales town Welshpool. The Earl of Powys, who lived nearby, used to feed the people of Welshpool with soup, as they were unable to feed themselves, hence the name 'soupie'. Used in a derogative manner to describe any person of questionable character.
Keep an eye on yer wallets, 'ere comes that fuckin' soupie.
by mrdre July 16, 2008
11 11
A cd-key checker designed by micro$oft for sp2, also called soup nazi. Removed because a bunch of computer security consultants said so.
*user types in cd key*
soupie: Illegal cd key detected! your pc will now asplode
by DeathHamster1 June 06, 2007
2 9
Someone who hails from the Mid Wales town of Newtown. Apparently there used to (and still may be) a soup factory there.
You fuckin' soupie maig!
by european_bob September 08, 2005
8 18
A rather hunky minx of a lad. otherwsie known as some top totty!
Gosh, he's lookin rather soupie
by Anonymous June 12, 2003
3 13
slang for someone named campbell as in campbells soup. also term used for catholics in ireland who in 1845-50 changed religion after being offered soup by the protestants during the irish halocaust to save themselves from starving along with the rest of their irish neighbours. usually identifiable as an irish protestant with an irish surname.
soupie bastards sold out for a bowl of broth after jesus died for us on the cross
by da origanal playa May 17, 2006
3 28