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Large, thick lips
Did you see Jay-z's soup coolers? I would just love to kiss them!
by Stacy November 14, 2002
the mouth; derogatory. aka: man pleaser, or cake hole.
"shut your soup cooler, you biatch"
by B,E, double bizzle January 08, 2004
beautiful voluptuos lips that beautiful Africans/African Americans inherit,usually try to be duplicated by other races by getting lip injections.
Niecy Nash has some juicy soup coolers.I wouldn't mind having a taste.
by youngblacknsuccessful July 10, 2008
A woman's lips, usually very large, well pronounced examples, like Liv Tyler's.
Steven Tyler has an ugly kisser, while his daughter Liv has a beautiful set of soupcoolers!
by Bangboy September 27, 2005
pronounced (soop-koolers) (Noun), Unusually large lips.
*Also know as "booty-Lips".
She needs to put some lip-gloss on those soup-coolers.
by RocketNyne January 22, 2008
Soup coolers is a reference to the very large lips characteristic of blacks.
Would'ja look at the soup coolers on that ugly mutherfucker?
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
A soup cooler is a fart that is barely audible and akin to Darth Vader exhaling or has the name suggests someone blowing over their spoon of extremely hot whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. A pugnant smell is followed. One of the most potent farts, more often deployed by women.
Who dropped that soup cooler, even the blow flies are leaving.
by Huge Heffna April 22, 2005
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