The dick that eats like a meal. Easy access and high in protein.
Mike opened up the soup can for all to enjoy, and no one left unfulfilled.
by Mr B. Beauty February 21, 2004
Top Definition
The vagina, hootch, cunt, pussy, snatch...etc

Alternate additions:

Tomato Soup Can (on the rag)
Broccoli Soup Can (riding the fungii train)
Angel Hair Noodle Soup Can (hairy soup can)
Damn, that bitch has one nasty soup can!
by PReel May 08, 2009
Apparently, it is what labels are for.
-You wear so much Abercrombie, you're such a prep!
by Katinthehat April 27, 2007
A short fat dick, a chode
Matt is going to unleash the soup can
by Jeff December 09, 2002
A relationship that needs a label
Just because it doesn't have a label, doesn't mean it's not a soup can
by Chubb Chubb spade May 10, 2016
a term for a large Bowel Movement. Usually associated with someone who has anal sex with a well endowed partner. This term is also related to people named Thom.
Thom will be right back. He had to drop a soupcan.
by Berkheiser April 09, 2005
A poop that is as wide as it is long, usually unflushable.
Men are mainly capable of producing such atrocities.
Hey you have a butter knife? I just shit a soup can.
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
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