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The "soul clap" is a particular rhythm: it means clapping on the eighth notes of a beat.
sick beat on your rap, old man soul clap
by the other Mose July 16, 2006
See sonned.

To clap someone is to shoot them.

To soulclap someone is to dis 'em hard, usually with the use of a one-liner, so bad that it hurts
"Mega, I hope you blow, so I'm sayin' ya name (MEGA, MEGA)"

- Nas

"50 was like a little brother to me. But 50 need realize the last nigga who went after me retired, and he's on an R&B tour now. Think about that."

- Nas
by Understanding January 18, 2005
A high five between a black man and a white man he respects.
Black man: "Soul clap cracker."

White man: "What?!"

Black man: "It's just a high five man."
by Jesus Raptor June 18, 2012
Means cock back your gun
"Yo we goin drink till we drunk, dance till we drop and aint nobody leavin till the music stop, can I get a soul clap(gun clicks) can I get a soul clap(gun clicks)"-Styles P
by WuTaNG BROTHA89 December 02, 2005
when the booty shakes so hard, the cheeks clap
"yo, can i get a soul clap?"
by melvinator June 26, 2005
1. super emcee from sacramento
2. an underground king
3. rebumpable communications founder/ ceo
4. mtv undiscovered #1 hip-hop/ r&b artist
soul clap is the mtv undiscovered #1 hip-hop/ r&b artist of the year
by bump king March 18, 2005
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