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Etymology: Coined from Vicente Sotto III, one of Philippines' senators when his senatorial speech was found to have multiple verbatim quotes without citations of their authors.

1. the practice of plagiarizing a literature and using such for public- speaking engagements
2. the act of using celebrity status to present a copied idea whilst making it appear as his/her own
3. an event where one gets caught in the act of plagiarism and arrogantly admits to be at no fault

verb: sottoed, sottoing
Girl: You copied a divorced actor's marriage vows and used it in our wedding? I can't believe this! If only sottoism is a ground for annulment!
Guy: Hey, I changed the names!
#plagiarism #plagiarize #sottonism #soto #sotto
by lalakisadulonangbahaghari September 06, 2012
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