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Acronym for the 1991 movie, Silence of the Lambs.
Jodie Foster was so hot in SOTL.
by sterlingheights July 07, 2005
Sister of the Leaf. A friendly name for a female cigar smoker, used by other cigar smokers. Also BOTL, or Brother of the Leaf.
It's always great to meet a new BOTL at a herf, but it's even cooler to meet a SOTL that loves great cigars.
by itsme_timd May 04, 2009
Sisterhood of the Traveling Lattes
Oh man I love SOTL
by SOTL February 03, 2011
SOTL stands for "slut on the loose."
"You were such an SOTL at the party last night; we had to watch you to make sure you didn't hook up with anybody that was too sketchy."
by Channing Way February 01, 2008
Shit On The Lens - Any foreign material adhering itself to the lens of a camera, usually appearing in the acquired image.
How long has Pamfila had that mole? It's not a mole its just SOTL.
by Grossee December 25, 2010
Sitting On Toilet Laughing
Was watching YouTube videos on my laptop while taking a dump and made the comment SOTL.
by Lex-I-Con April 16, 2009