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The city in Southeaster Michigan formally known as Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan is located there.
I liked A2 better when it was just white people.
by sterlingheights April 24, 2005
An acknowledgment of something. Commonly said when using radios.
Skyhawk 2:Mobius 1, this is Skyhawk 2, change heading to 180.

Mobius 1: Roger that.
by sterlingheights June 25, 2005
Just about the shittiest accesory for the iPod to this day. What it does is play what's playing on the iPod through an FM radio. It only has a range of 15 feet and sucks ass in mid-large sized cities because it interferes with other radio signals.
Matt: Is the iTrip any good?
Me: No, it's a piece of shit.
by sterlingheights July 10, 2005
To fly a remote control plane into the ground nose-first.
Man, I just turned my new F-27 into a lawn dart!
by sterlingheights December 03, 2005
Acronym for the 1991 movie, Silence of the Lambs.
Jodie Foster was so hot in SOTL.
by sterlingheights July 07, 2005
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