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Modulation of the word puerto rican, Sorta rican is a puerto rican with little understanding of the culture or language. Sometimes claims to know aout it, and sometimes they don't.
That puerto ricankid couldn't elp me on my spanish homework, he's a sorta rican.
Someone who is half puerto rican, or looks like they might be puerto rican.
Dude.. with your hair like that, you look sorta rican.
by TZ January 29, 2005
Sorta-Rican, is a term used for the ever increasing population that is sorta black and sorta puerto rican.

Do not confuse this with quarter-rican which is a mix of at least 4 ethnicities
Whats the deal with the new guy at the gym? Is he black or is he puerto rican? Not sure, I think he is sorta-rican
by Big Daddy Albany NY February 03, 2010
A person who is technically Puerto Rican but looks white and has all white traits.
Angel is definitely a sorta-rican.
by BiggyAng86 September 16, 2016
When a non-Mexican / white person discovers he/she's a mexican. He/She doesn't know if he should live the lifestyle of his own culture or the culture of a Mexican. After a ton of decision making he/she decides to combine both cultures and become a Sorta-Rican.
Spouse A: Wow! I just discovered I'm Mexican! What should I do with my life?
Spouse B: You should combine cultures and become a Sorta-Rican!
by Farrai October 30, 2012
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