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A lack of sympathy. A form of "Get over it. I won't help you." Used as a response to a complaint.
A: "I lost my last quarter."
B: "Sorry Charlie."
by internet addict April 23, 2011
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During sex, throw a load of tuna fish all over your partner's crotch and proceed to ejaculate all over the tuna, (mayonnaise-style). You'd be using tuna because of Charlie the Tuna from the 70's commercials. Then, right before blowing your load, yell out "Sorry Charlie!"
"I was tired of eating chicken so I decided to do a Sorry Charlie to my girlfriend to get my daily intake of fish!"
by Donald Gam June 12, 2008
the act of shitting ang throwing up at the same time.
can happen after a night of heavy drinking or after eating at your local cart guy
I got drunk last night, ate a gyro from the cart guy on my corner and the next morning I sorry charlied all over the bathroom.
by cheesey mcmayonaisse November 28, 2007

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