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Short for "sorry". Can be used to describe anything bad or of poor quality. The word sorr can be used in an existing word to indicate that it is bad -- for example, although saying "Georgia Tech" would just indicate that you are referring to the university, saying "Sorrgia Tech" would refer to the university while indicating that it sucks. A person who is sorr may also be referred to as a sorrhead or sorrface. Actions that are sorr can be described as sorraculous, sorrendipitous, sorr-a-lorr or even astrosorrical. Similar in usage to the words turr or trop.
Man this is like the 3rd straight time you ain't come to the game, you are a straight up sorrhead.

Why would I want Sorris Diaw on my team?

Ain't no way you gonna get me to watch World Cup Sorrcer.

I used to like ESPN before all these terrible anchors started coming on Sorrtscenter.

That motorcycle accident was quite a sorrendipitous turn of events in Ben Sorrthlisberger's career.
by J-Smoove June 18, 2006
A shortening of the word "sorry". Pronounced like the acronym S.A.R.S which stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome though it is completely unrelated to the disease. To be used in a hurry.
Jane: "Tom, you just stepped on my foot!"
Tom (yelling over his shoulder): "Sorrs, I'm late for a meeting!"
by ellie.lizard March 29, 2009