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When you have sex so hard, that the orgasm hurts (in a good way)
"Last night, Jeff and I had sex and it hurt so good, I got a sorgasm"
by GayJay July 26, 2006
When a person gets 'appealed' due to someone's satire/sarcasm.
My goodness, Jimmy Fallon's comedy gave me sorgasms last night.
by InternetHuman April 05, 2015
the state in which one has used a significant amount of sarcasm and receives pleasure from it
After making fun of Ethan for several minutes, I got a sorgasm.
by celtics July 19, 2008
A Sorgasm is when an orgasm is so amazingly good(that words cant describe) that the womans vagina hurts for the rest of her life, but in a good way.(no other orgasm can rival this)
I could tell that my mom got a Sorgasm years ago because she still complains about the feel good pain.
by Daniel Makkes November 13, 2007
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