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A piece of shit (in Argentina)
Tengo un sorete grande en mi culo (I have a big piece of shit in my ass)
El es un sorete (He is a piece of shit)
by Ceci Manga May 28, 2005
In Argentina:
a) A stool, a turd, a pice of shit;
b) Someone bad, evil or traitorous; or
c) Something worthless, insignificant.
a) -(golpeando la puerta de un baño ocupado) Está ocupado?

-No, soy el sorete que aprendió a hablar.

- - - - - -

-(knocking on busy bathroom's door) -Is there anyone in there?

-No, I'm the turd who learnt how to speak.

b) "¡Ese tipo es un sorete mal cagado!"; That guy is a turd poorly shat; and

c) "¡Tu mamá no sabe un sorete!"; Your momma doesn't know shit!
by Pablorth January 01, 2011
1) literally: a turd
2) figuratively: a bad, mean, person, a little bit less than son of a bitch.
"Pisé un sorete!": "I stepped on a turd!"
"Qué sorete": "What a turd" (referring to someone)
"No seas sorete": "Don't be a turd"
"Sos un sorete": You're a turd
"Tu gato es un sorete": "your cat is a fucking turd"
by TvonR December 04, 2012
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