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A sore winner is someone who wins and spends far too much time gloating over it, to the point that the rest of the people feel poorly about even participating.
Ali was a sore winner when he sang "We Are The Champions" after winning the NCAA Bracket.
by Jeremy Hubert April 06, 2005
Sore winners are anyone who brags far too much for their feeble accomplishments.
*Erik and Steve are playing Ping Pong*
(For the record Erik beat Steve at Ping Pong more than 50 times)

Steve: "10-20 Match point." *servers*

*Lands off the table*

Erik: "Ohhhhhhh! You were so wrong! You'll never beat me, you said you would today!!! Ohhh!!!! What now biyatch!?!? OHHHHH!!! Volley for serve let's play again."

Steve: "No dude! You beat me everytime and you are a sore winner."
by CandyColonel August 17, 2009
An individual that makes a gamble on contracting an STD, and upon winning, walks away with a new sore somewhere on their body
after a 1 night stand with a girl I met at a bar I became a sore winner
by bp-pd May 24, 2011
A person, usually male, who boasts incessantly of a particular carnal conquest and a few days later develops syphillis.
Bob wouldn't stop bragging about his wild one-nighter until he became the sore winner, chancre sores and all.
by The Grottomaster May 25, 2011
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