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A woman wizard who doesn't like to be called a witch because not only does that give the instant image of an ugly old hag, it rhymes with b*tch. A sorceress is usually very attractive. She has magical powers, casts spells on broken fingers, and does voodoo to make sure that everything goes her way. Sorceresses do NOT ride on broomsticks as they give terrible wedgies. They drive 2007 Mustang GT's.
Wow, that sorceress healed Melanie's finger instantly with her magic spell!
by kaybutts June 18, 2007
a female priest in the Episcopal or Lutheran church; a heretical violation of apostolic order
Bob: Hi, Nancy. How was church today?
Nancy: Oh, Bob, I won't go anymore now that there is a sorceress at the altar.
by Gwladys December 30, 2010
A sorceress is beautiful, powerful woman who is also deceitful and full of trickery. Sometimes her sorcery is exhibited by clever camera angle to feign attractiveness, other times it displayed by having a wonton disregard for the male population's needs or feelings.
Franklin: She seemed like a catch, dude.
Bash: Yeah but when we left the dark bar I realized she was a total sorceress.

Man: You goddamn sorceress! You've tricked me! I'll never love again! Give me back my Steely Dan records! Sorceress!
by Alan Danson June 03, 2011
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