An argument used to defend/'prove' a false statement/idea.
What every believer use to 'argue' with an atheist (besides of ad hominem 'arguments', etm).

Guy1: God exists! I felt him in my heart and the bible says he does!
Guy2: Shut up and get a life instead of being talking shit. THINKING IS FREE! Stop saying sophisms, you douche.
by Rafgon October 08, 2010
Top Definition
to use mid/post conversation disapproving indications and or 'star making' humour, including-

raising an eyebrow
raising both eyebrows rare
pursing your lips
flicking hair
subtle sarcasm
raw competetiveness
'what a sophism'
'i saw that sophism young lady'
'you and your sophism'
'one more sophism like that and I'll...'
by wheeler June 07, 2003
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