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To suck very very badly
"Yo, man Jay-Z SOOKS!!!"
by Geo July 22, 2003
Scottish word meaning "suck" but used as a noun - implies someone who is sucking or sooking up to someone else. A sook is a brown-noser.
You told the boss you liked her shoes just to make her like you. You're such a sook.
by Kirsten August 26, 2004
schlong and EVERYTHING else.
I sooked your sook.
by clintombment February 18, 2010
Female Chesapeake bay blue crab
bubba throw them sooks in the wheel
by Chainsaw Charlie October 20, 2007
A term meaning screw off, shut up, or leave oneself alone.
Hey Jack could you get me a glass of water? Sook, get it yourself. OR, Hey Marcus take a shower. Sook, I just showered yesterday
by Superkansaskid January 04, 2008
a long toenail that needs trimming. Not pronounced "oo" but more like a short "u".
Ralph has a sook, because when Ralph took off his shoe you could see that his sooks had worn a hole in his sock.
by bread infection January 01, 2006
synonym for "suck"; often rhymed with "fuck". a duke's men of yale original, but catching on like wildfire
"it SOOKS to be FOOKED".
by anonymous May 18, 2003