Being lazy.
"Kick the ball"
"But I'm feeling so Sood"
by nushdi February 12, 2013
Top Definition
Meaning a "posh" or a "cool" place or thing. The word originates from the tamil word "sood" meaning hot(literally). But the usage of "sood" is to define coolness.
"Orange county is a sood place man" "That's a sood phone you have"
by Rasto February 21, 2009
Noun: Meaning erection

Common typo for the word, "wood." Used frequently by men named Monkey.
"That just gave me sood."
by CuddlyCorey April 22, 2011
The mixture of sad and good.The feeling of sadness and feeling fine
When i dumped Sarah,she felt sood because she missed the sex,but she wanted to break up with me for a new Droid
by Julsies please November 27, 2010
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