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The mixture of sad and good.The feeling of sadness and feeling fine
When i dumped Sarah,she felt sood because she missed the sex,but she wanted to break up with me for a new Droid
by Julsies please November 27, 2010
Meaning a "posh" or a "cool" place or thing. The word originates from the tamil word "sood" meaning hot(literally). But the usage of "sood" is to define coolness.
"Orange county is a sood place man" "That's a sood phone you have"
by Rasto February 21, 2009
Being lazy.
"Kick the ball"
"But I'm feeling so Sood"
by nushdi February 12, 2013
Noun: Meaning erection

Common typo for the word, "wood." Used frequently by men named Monkey.
"That just gave me sood."
by CuddlyCorey April 22, 2011