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Sommat is an abbreviated form of something. If you think about it, something is really hard to write/type/say but it is also hard to find a good abbreviated form for...This is where sommat comes in...It is easy to say, type, and write!
Hey, what's our homework today?
Sommat to do w/ history I think.
by Lmbc2 April 26, 2004
Yorkshire dialect for "something". Opposite of nowt. Compare to owt.
I went out coz I thought I 'eard sommat, but it weren't owt. It were nowt.
by wotsat January 24, 2008
A more flexible colloquialism for the phrase "something like that."
I wonder if people get pissed if you call DMB 'Dave', like the band is your bro or sommat.
by ApexC May 23, 2011
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