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Sommat is an abbreviated form of something. If you think about it, something is really hard to write/type/say but it is also hard to find a good abbreviated form for...This is where sommat comes in...It is easy to say, type, and write!
Hey, what's our homework today?
Sommat to do w/ history I think.
by Lmbc2 April 26, 2004
Network Operations Center. This is the place that is responsible for the network and its maintenance.
The network is broken.
Call the NOC, they'll fix it.
Awesome Possum, those guys rule.
by Lmbc2 April 26, 2004
Usually used to indicate anger or frustration. When used this way, it is given a harsh tone. The more r's it has, the angrier the person is.
GRRRRR....That guy is running off with my socks!!!
by lmbc2 April 26, 2004

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