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what a guy/ group of guys is trying to get when he/ they use cologne before leaving the house.

isynonyms: poon, ass, tail, stank, pootyhole, vadger, coont, etc./i
gentleman 1: Smell this, dude, it's a guaranteed ofactory panty-dropper
gentleman 2: Lemme get a splash of that, I gotta get some tonight
by StabMaster Arson October 14, 2003
79 35

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ass-kicking, or similar.
"Come get some!"
"Who wants some?"
by Kenthar October 15, 2003
36 21
Swag on my enemy
You a boss....Yea I got SOME
by YunGryn June 01, 2011
15 6
some + adjective: means a lot, very much
a regional expression from rural New Brunswick
"Cops in Fredericton are some foolish..."
"Mom's apple pie is some good!"
by ranimal November 17, 2007
33 24
not enough
Only some Americans will for me in the upcoming 2004 election.
by George Dubya Bush October 12, 2003
22 25