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Another way to pronounce CUNT. More commonly used to describe someone who is being a cunt.
"Will you please stop acting like a coont!"
by Rekk55 July 18, 2003
A nicer, and sometimes safer, way of calling a female (or your buddy) a cunt. Sometimes softens the blow of using the C-word in public while still pointing out a persons cuntishness.
Patrick - "Shelley didn't have to tell everyone about my small penis."

Josh - "Dude she was being a total coont today."
by Deebo568 November 24, 2009
What is sounds like when one of the Beatles says the word, "cunt".
That, Hitler was a real coont, wasn't he?
by Smitty Rules October 30, 2012
Coont is another way to say/another way to spell "Cunt"

IDubbbzTV uses this word often in his gay retard accent (it's kinda like a Italian accent)
joji: "you know, sometimes bowser isn't such a bad guy!"
ian(idubbbz): "nO BOWSER iS a cOONt"
The word "coont" is a mixture of two words. The first word is "cunt" this word for some reason is quite offending to many people, it is used to describe someone who is really disliked or a close friend. The second word is "kook" this word is used to describe someone who is not meant to be. Such as someone who has all the newest gear but doesn't know how to use it.

Hence a coont, is a highly disliked person who is not meant to be in a certain situation.

It is also a very great word to say in any place since it is not a well known word yet.
"Bro jack is such a fuckin coont, look at all that fresh shit he's got on!"

"Yeah man that's what I'm sayin..."

"Let's all jump him, he straight up doesn't deserve to chill here!"
by Muffmaster69 April 08, 2014
coon - Very Ofensive Term for a black person
cunt - a very dirty word for a vagina :0

put both together you get
coont = a black pussy
Jihan - I fucked her in the ass man!
Spic - Dude, your a dirty Coont
by Mr.Anderson September 22, 2005
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