What it is hoe, ah what's up (what's up)
Can a nigga get in them guts (them guts)
Cut you up like you ain't been cut (been cut)
Show your ass how to really catch a nut (oh yea yea)
Well give me you number and I'll call (I'll call)
And I'll follow that ass in the mall (in the mall)
Take you home, let you juggle my balls (my balls)
While I'm beatin and tearin down your walls (oh yeah)
by jfire March 02, 2005
Top Definition
some booty...some pussy
a yung...ill holla at u later...im bout to get some cut from this girl
by the finest May 19, 2004
when you get a piece from a bitch
Yo gurl, hook up some cut!
by Kobe Bryant February 21, 2005
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