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1) to do things by yourself ( solo) and on the down low (dolo)
2) A loner
"I'm on my solo dolo shit, just keeepin to myself"
by sweet dik daddy June 03, 2009
1429 256
Lonely stoner
Mr. Solodolo by Kid Cudi
by thee real p. duddy January 17, 2010
61 22
A lonely stoner, or someone who smokes by themselves often.
"You smoked that whole sack by yourself?"

"Ya man I'm solo dolo."
by Mr-Solo-Dolo September 13, 2011
215 197
Rolling a blunt, and then smoking it my yourself, rather than passing it in rotation.
Yo man, let's go solo dolo on a few blunts and get super stoned.
by Ahhchyea May 17, 2011
194 208
Solo = Alone
Dolo = Fraud

Spanish for 'Lonely fraud.'
Kid Cudi: The lonely stoner, Mr. Solo Dolo. He's on the move, can't seem to shake the shade.
by chantoke April 18, 2010
144 619