slightly larger than average fat dude who is a total psycho. Carries at least 4 knives at any given time. does not give a crap about anyone or anything. hates blacks and irish and his own brown kind for no really good reason. Funny as hell except when he wont shut the fuck up or plays little richard songs on repeat for hours at a time. doesnt know the difference between lurk and creep butg it doesnt matter because he succcessfully does both simultaneously. Often goes by the name diesel, but spells it D-sol and says its not the same.
Dude did you hear what Solis did?

What D-sol pulled a knife yelled some crazy shit in a voice that sounded like a bad Bill Cosby impression then got wasted and somehow drove home without crashing into the bike shop again?

Yeah who told you?

Nobody. Youre talking about Solis.
by vinny's June 22, 2011
Top Definition
Essentially means Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life. Is one who excessively uses the words killer and chill. She likes that kinky shit when the doors are closed.
Damn, dat Solis doe!
by SOLIS ROCKS September 24, 2014
i feel sorry for you
Dude A: Yo man! i lost my wallet yesterday, Fuck.
Dude B : Soli.
Dude A : NO man, it's not your fault.
Dude B : Soli means i feel sorry for you.
by mike chan December 11, 2004
1. wat samoans call each other.
2. someone of samoan build
"My sista is a soli. i can't disclose her name cos she will bash me up cos she is a big soli"
by Soli August 16, 2006
homo from csh who loves the cock and pot
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
falling asleep while drunk while the party is going on.
i cant believe he's being a solis.
by tshoe101 August 28, 2011
and asshole from hidden valley, who has no friends cuz he is a giant dick wad! also meaning some bitches from hv who would give it to anyone for 10 cents!
That soli is a stupid ass.
by ceary April 15, 2004
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