To perform a Sole is when you ignore everthing and everyone. Nothing in the world matters in that particular situation you perform a Sole.
Your friends try to reach you by either text-message or phone, and you perform the Sole by simply not answering or calling back untill you feel like it.
by Patrick JK June 03, 2007
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Solé, although not spelled the same, means sun or sunshine in french. Solé is the girl everyone wants to be friends with. She is a very pretty, kind, and warm- hearted person. She is the person others rely on, and is constantly a shoulder to lean on.
"Solé, your dress is beautiful, you look stunning."
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The name "solé" comes from the French word "soleil" it means "sun"

It's usually used as a feminine name

A name of royalty

The daughter of the sun
"Solé is so pretty, she was named after a French circus, cirque du Soleil"
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by Kyrosag21 December 24, 2016
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