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Eruptions of super-heated gas that occur on the surface of the sun which eject large amounts of radiation and energized particles into space.
Scientists claim that recent cell phone disruption is the result of solar flares.
by Blackmac January 12, 2005
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prominences of super-heated plasma expelled by the sun
The temperature on Mercury rises when there is increased activity of solar flares from the sun.
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
Origin: teenage boys summer camp sports event. The sport of lighting farts in a darkened cabin. Longest, brightest wins overall. Best of class can include categories such as color (yellow for sulfur, blue for the rarer methane-producers.) Other categories such as least-singed butthairs are rarer and judged less often, primarily because someone has to be designated as counter of singed butthairs and that requires a strong magnifying glass and an even stronger stomach or a perverted interest in men's butts.
The kids at Hihowahya Summer Camp were caught playing "Solar Flares" and were given kp duty for three weeks, which was stupid as their stay at camp was for fourteen days only.
by Luigi January 14, 2005
1. An energy attack, espoused by the ancillary characters of the cartoon series Dragon Ball Z, used to confuse opponents with a bright flash of light.
2. A social construct based upon the above definition, useable at parties when one wants to stop talking to a group of people.
Instead of explicitly stating his intention to walk over there, Rick used a solar flare.
by ZMoneyy January 09, 2012
Pants of the large and bright variety. The pants often are larger at the bottom than the top.
Rachel, in her solar flares and baby tee made quite a scene on her way to the buffet line.
by The Poetess November 02, 2003
a topical cream used on the ass; or asscream.
I used a solarflare to soothe my inflamed rectum.
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
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