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1. Sort of like P.I.H.B(pihb). Except this one means to Shit on her Chest.
That girl is fuckin hot. I would Sohc her.
by TCCO December 02, 2004
Short for Single Overhead Cam.

Refers to an engine in which the intake/exhaust valves are operated by a camshaft placed above the cylinders, and driven by a belt connecting them to the crankshaft, as opposed to using connecting rods and rockers.
The Toyota AE85 uses a SOHC engine.
by waveform_distortion December 27, 2004
SOHC is also short for "shit on his chin". When one attempts to grow facial hair on his/her chin but fails to because it is too thin, thus making it look like you have pubes on your chin.
man 1:yo check out C's facial hair!

man 2: nah man that's some SOHC, that ain't LEGIT!
by Simon Theodore Chipmunk July 27, 2009
Single Overhead Cam

The worst of OHV, and the worst of DOHC.
Whenever I do the laundry, I always managed to lose a SOHC.
by merica September 29, 2005
Bad, mean, or ugly. Sohc engines are worse than Dohc engines.
That girl is definetly SOHC
by Import revolution May 27, 2005