Top Definition
an extremely large erection.
"that girl is so hot that iam about to have a sohail"
by fififififififi October 06, 2006
Someone who is HOTTT with a HOTTT BODY!!!
"omg is that sohail? he's soooo yummy"
by Sohail May 04, 2005
The funniest person on the planet. Some one who is extremely sexy, and attractive. Some one who also has a big heart and big dick.
Omg he is such a sohail! It's so sexy!
by Ashley898989 March 31, 2010
A long orgasm of a male in which he wraps himself in newspaper and yells at people who try to stop him. After they leave the orgasm continues and herpes begins to develope.
I totally had an awesome Sohail last night when I was watching Guys Gone Wild!!!
by Tom Hankies May 06, 2008
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