This is the term used when people wishes to make millions. This is mainley carried out by software engineers to increses there pay packets.
You have spent thousands on developing a talor made system for your company it gets implemented and then you hear:
"Oh! The software is incompatible with your system!" they say with a fake look of horror on there face's
"We will have to carry out some software engineering on the program."

Can you hear the till ringing?

Congratulations! you have fallen for the latest reincarnation of the oldest trick in the book. get as much money as you can out of the suckers!

Take my advice do not fall for it. ask for clarification and if you are in the UK threten them with the Trades Descriptions Act - goods supplied unfit for purposes they were intended.
by joshua z s February 05, 2004
Top Definition
Software engineering is the application of science
to consistently produce software based systems
that are acceptable against the needed criteria
(reliability, maintainability, security, safety,
efficiency, usability) in a cost effective way.
I am a software engineer.
by Matt Sharpe February 05, 2004
The process of defining the actual functionality of a software program, the planning and programming of said software.
I´m a programmer, I work in software engineering.
by Marvin January 22, 2004
The process by which one goes through to create extraordinary software.
Micro$0ft has never done any software engineering.
by Meikeric February 02, 2004
Designing and creating programs (or software) to accomplish tasks for public use.
I majored in software engineering so I could help fix the AOL problems... oh wait, that's impossible, &*$%
by Deci January 22, 2004
The process of creating and developing a piece of software for distribution.
The company's software engineering team developed a program to share files.
by jordan October 08, 2003
The profession of creating software
Mike wanted to get into software engineering, but is still in High School.
by Josh January 30, 2004
process which involves a sledge hammer and microsoft os.
fatal error one oh one..hmmm,guess i better do some software engineering..
by wired_duck January 27, 2004
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