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Also written as:
W.O.T.E.M., or wotem.

A Waste Of Time, Effort and Money.

1. adj. Describes a person or event.
2. N. A person not worth the time of day.
3. Extreme abuse at a person worthy of the title.
1. What a fucking wotem that was!
2. That guy is such a wotem.
3. Your such a wotem, I'm never speaking to you again.
4. Don't go near that guy, he's a real wotem!
5. Fuck off you useless wotem!
by Deci February 05, 2004
Designing and creating programs (or software) to accomplish tasks for public use.
I majored in software engineering so I could help fix the AOL problems... oh wait, that's impossible, &*$%
by Deci January 22, 2004
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