Someone who isn't 'onto' it, doesn't understand something or things in general.
'wah ya soft cunt' 'what u upto ya soft cunt' 'SOFT CUNT!' 'urr ya soft cunt'
by ARMS March 29, 2005
Top Definition
A person who is emotionally weak
Johnny I was just joking, don't cry you soft cunt.
by Shontelle Shimo August 20, 2014
The Australian word for pussy. It can be used affectionately, but it often an insult. Not be be confused for mad, weak or sick cunt.
*Watches chic flic*
*Oi, are you crying?*
*God, don't be such a soft cunt*
by plssendhelp May 10, 2015
Someone who is emotionally weak or over sensitive
Wyatt's being a soft cunt by telling people she misses them
by Substrerch January 04, 2016
The Aussie word 4 sum 1 who is a PUSSY! Can't take shit.... you could blow them and they'd fly a hundrd Fucken years away..... Softy prick
my fag friend james (professional soft cunt).... I call him sandwich....... Because I ate his cock like a sandwich
by Arabian Sperm Bank August 07, 2015
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