A French Canadian way of saying "soft." Many French Canadian coaches in the National Hockey League, notably Michel Therrien, cannot pronounce the word "soft", and are stuck saying "soff" instead. Something is "soff" when it displays a complete lack of skill or intelligence. Penguins fans respect Michel Therrien's French Canadianness and use "soff" whenever they can to describe a stupid goal by the opposing team, or a poor performance by their own team. To be soff is to be made of fail.
"Soff goal by Thomas Vanek. What a dick."
by penguinaut November 21, 2008
shortened version of piss off
"oh man dude, your ex is looking hot"
"..... 'soff mate"
by dandandandandand August 18, 2013
To defeat one's opponents in any sort of contest/game. It is most often used in the past tense, and as an insult to the losing party.
Maud'dib soffed that Harkonnen pretty boy.
by Brandt Poole April 18, 2003

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