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pronounced as: seut-king

A girl is called a soetkin if she gets really bitchy when she is sleepy or hungry. However, when a soetkin has everything she needs, she is an unstoppable party animal. When a soetkin enters the party, all the girls get filled with jealousy. Soetkins are usually good cooks, but hate Belgian endives.
Some say that if you insult a soetkin's cleavage, you get brutally murdered by some sort of claw to grab sugar. So far no one has been able to confirm this myth.

Soetkin was first used on the countryside near Antwerp (Belgium), but now it is widely used in the city of Antwerp.
"Watch out for that soetkin, she is tired"
"Is soetkin crashing into that pole with her car?"
by oelegem May 01, 2010
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