When you raw dog someone in they're fart box. (RAGING BUTTSEX!!!)
You and your uncle are very familiar with sodomy...
by mikeTTTT July 16, 2009
in the butt
What is sodomy?

In the but, Chet.
by ExLxF September 25, 2008
the insertion of the male member into the anus of another human or animal
The young altar boy begged the priest, "please don't put that thing in
by cooldude October 20, 2003
Any sexual intercourse that is not male to female, vaginal penetration, done misionary style. Anel penetration being only one example and the only for that is labeled and demonized.
when Antonio Banderas had sex wit Angelina doggie style, that was sodomy.
by rogueangel May 05, 2007
A form of temple prostitution. Religious bigots tend to misuse this word to mean gay anal sex. Sorry it's not. I've checked my sources and it means temple prostitution.
there was sodomy going on inside our church yesterday.
by D January 11, 2004
One of several hobbies of the avid black metal fan.
We must crucify the believers, then bring sodomy forth upon the church!!! THAT'S KVLT!!
by homo erotic man October 11, 2005
Pleasure through oral or anal sex. Used in the song "Prison Sex" by Tool, hence why you probably looked it up.
"Release in sodomy! For the one sweet moment I am WHOOOOOOOLE!!!"
by Terra Risona May 29, 2016
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