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Let's go see the Mariners play in Sodo. Sodo mojo.
by George Shaffer June 21, 2003
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Can be used to describe a situation that is popin or turned up .
Tommy: " Did you hear about that party at Melanie's house last weekend?"
Jon: "Oh yeah! It was sodo !"
by Short w/ an attitude February 01, 2017
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My friends and I have started a project. We call it..."So does."

The purpose of this project? Drive everyone in the world insane, take their money, and then rule Earth and maybe Jupiter, if we can conquer it.

Anywho, what you do is this: Put the words, "So does" everywhere. Write it on your teacher's white board every day when she's not looking. Scribble it on your desk. Write it on a piece of paper and leave it somewhere. Write it in yearbooks, on reports, on your website, in your signature, on forums, in journals, on nametags--Everywhere! Go through the garbage and write it on tin cans and cardboard boxes. Carve it into rocks and trees, trace the words into the sand.

I know what you're thinking: This is completely retarded.

Yes, it is.

But so what? Or, more importantly: So does?
So does.

-Freakin 20 characters. Happy?
by wysiwyg August 12, 2004
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An awesome state of mind. High, drunk, or sober WHO CARES? Sodo.
Person 1: Did you have anything to drink tonight?

Person 2: No man. Sodo.
Person 1: Bro, you look really fucked up.
Person 2: No man. Sodo.
Person 1: Dude, are you tripping balls?
Person 2: Nah man. Sodo.
by zaitch March 24, 2010
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Adjective - A contraction of "so dodo", expounding the original meaning for a more intense emotion.
John: Hey, I got "dodo" in the urban dictionary.
Bill: Man, that's sodo!
by Steve Shaddick November 13, 2005
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