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What your friends from the North and South finally agree to call a soft drink after fighting pathetically over it's proper name.
Northern friend: It's pop!
Southern friend: It's soda!
N friend: pop!
S friend: soda!
N & South friend: :D
~Thus world peace is achieved~
by AliceInsane August 22, 2007
81 21
A very original name...very well known as one of the curtis brothers from the outsiders. Has two brothers named Ponyboy and Darrel. A greaser. A dropout, but everyone loves him anyways.
Dude you are such a sodapop!
by ponyboy lover March 19, 2010
65 16
1.) a kind of beverage or soda
2.) A guy from the book "the outsiders"
3.) a fun word to say

1. "look i have sodapop" "no you idiot it is just soda"
2. "i am sodapop"
3. sodapop sodaPOP SODAPOP
by sodapop . February 09, 2007
46 12
aka Batman is the greatest friend that you can have. He is always there for you when you need him most and can always find a way to put a smile on your face. He's really handsome, sweet, down to earth, and the most real guy you can ever meet. He's a beast at soccer and loves to bake cookies (; and he's pretty good at playing in water balloon fights too. He's tall like Ronaldo, and strong too. And without a doubt, there's no one out there like him.
"Dang, i want to be just like Sodapop!"
by Messi Spongebob November 06, 2011
9 3
when a girl tea bags someone
haha she just sodapopped his head
by Xuri June 15, 2011
5 4
so popular
Wow, I can't believe you talked to the QB of the team. He is SoDA Pops.
by Amalia Lylian April 04, 2011
1 4
A guy who girls use for cocaine. The cocaine equivalent of a 'sugar daddy'.
She's comming down so she's going to call her soda pop.
by SmokinE December 12, 2010
7 19