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Describing a way of being sarcastic by asking rhetorical questions in the fashion of Socratic dialogue. A portmanteau of "Socratic" and "sarcastic." Involves sarcasm by means of asking Socratic leading questions.
Some socrastic dialogues:

Person 1: "Who took my keys?"
Person 2: "Dude. Who do you think took your keys? Do you *really* think I would take your keys? Why would *I* want to drive your car?"

Roommate 1: "Why is our room so messy these days?"
Roommate 2: "Well, do you think maybe it's because you never clean up the place? Could it be because you always leave it a mess?"
by Sky. Nevalson March 31, 2011
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To employ the simultaneous use of sarcasm and the Socratic method.
He's such a Socrastic bastard I don't care how much I can learn from him it's intolerable.
by Fat Ality October 09, 2014

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