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something used as a semen catcher for horny little boys who don't want to clean up after they jerk it.

Something hicks with mullets use for birth control.
Dude, last night I used a sock in the barn. My mom came in after I finished up my duty and was like, why do you have your shoes and socks off. So I had to wear the sock after I jizzed in it.

Dude, wool socks are bad news.
by Slick Willie May 28, 2003
457 185
Some Other Cunt's Kid

The annoyance of some other male having impregnated a female with his spawn and causing down-stream problems for other guys. Problem being she'll suck your for cash and may have a child to the new guy.
"Jesus dude! Stay away from her, she has a SOCK!"
"A what?"
"A fuckin' SOCK! Some Other Cunt's Kid!"
Oh, shit. Give that one a miss..."
by The Davo July 08, 2010
6 1
to punch somebody (usually in the face). Used back in the day, by a lot of white people.

"I'm gonna sock that dude after school"
by mathteach77 January 30, 2006
17 12
a peice of cloth (usually cotton) that gets caught in the space between the dryers' spin thingy and the actualy dryer, and then creates a big fire that almost burns down the house, causing a mother and an only child to call 911, only to find that 911 is on their lunch break so it takes them 9 RINGS to pick up and then 10 minutes to get to their house...armed with 3 or 4 fire trucks and a few police cars...all of which are unnecessary...even under these circumstances. (yes, this is a true story)
1. "Elliot!!!! A sock got caught between the dryers' spin thingy and the actualy dryer!!! Now we have to call 911 on their lunch break!!!"
by rachel effin s. December 29, 2005
20 15
The ghetto condom. Sometimes also called a cotton, as opposed to a rubber.
"I forgot my rubber, so I used my sock"
by Munginor December 12, 2004
24 20
Semen Overflow Containment Kit.

Often found in the form of a cotton male crew-cut stocking, though other forms have been improvised.
I'm totally gonna jack off like none's business tonight, but I need to secure a good S.O.C.K. first to make sure I don't make a mess.
by Colostomes December 26, 2009
3 0
Actually "que es lo que es" but pronounced S.O.C.K.S

It means "It is what it is"
P1: Stupid car
P2: S.O.C.K.S

P3: i hate that color though!
P4: que es lo que es
by OriginalXmsteel September 26, 2009
13 10
Acronym for Some Other Cunts Kid.
Heke: Faaarrr bro - these all your kids??
Junior: Nah bro, these two are mine, and that ones a Sock..
by killermike January 06, 2013
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