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The act of rubbing your feet on a penis while wearing socks, preferably to the point of causing an orgasm.
Man, Katie had on the cutest socks last night, and gave me a hellacious sockjob!
by Pontious November 28, 2004
The art (yes, ART) of stroking a man's organ to the point of audible pleasure, but entirely with one's sock-clad feet.
Jamar - "Man, my girl had on them sweet nylon socks last night and they was just drivin' me wild! I couldn't stop sniffin' 'em!"

Tayshon - "Then what?"

Jamar - "She milk me wit' 'em! So silky soft, the ceilin' was drippin' wit' ma DNA!"

Tayshon - "So she give you a sockjob?"

Jamar - "Hell yeah! Like you ain't know, brotha!"
by SockLUVVA89NIGGAwut January 16, 2009
when someone uses their socked feet to masturbate someone elses penis. similar to a foot job
Jake convinced his girlfriend to give him a sockjob.
He came all over her socks.
by sockwiki June 18, 2010
When a girl sucks u off when theres a sock over ure dick
Tam the jakie man gave me a sockjob for a half can of super tennants behind blockbuster
by denzelessin June 21, 2010
Similar to a Pink Sock, but much much better!
Once a Pink Sock has been performed,as in it's definition and your load left inside, affix a rubberband to the base of the pink beast, and get your partner in crime to suck it all out.
Mac_G: "Hey Josh, You wanna have a Sock Job today?"

Josh: Oh yes please, only this time take your dentures out, don't wanna burst the hoemroids again.
by Mac_G September 11, 2006
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