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1. When you cum in a dirty sock and hit someone in the face with it.

2. When you cum in someone else's sock and leave it.

3. When you wear a sock as a condom and successfully penetrate your lover.
1. Dude, I totally got Jimmy with a sockbomb earlier!

2. I'm gonna leave Tom a sockbomb, check it out!

3. doctor - How did you get rugburn on your inner walls? girl - My idiot boyfriend gave me a sockbomb.
by Almighty C-Word November 16, 2011
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When a man fills a used codom full of ejaculate (jizz) into a condom and it swells up like a water balloon and throws it at a person.
What the-" SPLAT! "Shit! i jsut got Sock Bombed!
by stamoosong January 22, 2011

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