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A man who is totally whipped by his woman - her hand is way up his butt, controlling him like a sock puppet.
She has that man on a short leash, she snaps and he jumps - he is such a sock puppet!
by violet2580 March 18, 2011
Used to describe a person who has no original thoughts, opinions, or ideas of his/her own. Instead they regurgitate the "party-line" or talking points of others; usually of their particular political party.

Sock puppets can be seen on FauxNews and on Talk Radio. The GOP will put out its talking points and you can pick out the sock puppets because they will repeat the talking points; usually words for word.

Sock puppets can be seen among the Democrats and Left as well typically among young liberals who have adopted liberal bias without actually thinking. These specimens exist but are far more uncommon than amoung the Republicans, conservatives, christians and other right-wingers. Whose sock puppets cover the entire spectrum, as right-wingers are more likely to accept things on faith alone. Because if their leaders say its true, then it has to be true.
1. Get a clue! You're Dubya's sock puppet.
2. Limbaugh is the GOP's sock puppet.
3. Look you sock puppet if I wanted to hear from you I'd turn on FauxNews.

Sock Puppet: "it's Clintons fault."
Real Person: "Man you are a sock puppet."
by Bubba Backwater October 15, 2006
Giving a random boy that doesn't even like you a handjob with his own dirty sock on his weenie.
So, Mikyla, do you wanna play sock puppet or what?
by Janice Depp October 29, 2006
Using a sock to jerk off into while operating an automobile. Thus having the sock catch your junk, preventing a mess all over your dash board and wind sheild.
I was bored on my way to work so I decided to bust out my sock puppet and jerk my junk before I got to the office.
by hasbri November 16, 2006
a dildo that is kept in a sock inbetween uses
Jane took out her sock puppet and used it to pleasure herself in ways her boyfriend's cock cant
by me February 07, 2005
A person you wipe your jizz on after u jack off, or get jacked off.
Yeah i used that bitch as my sockpuppet!
by mofo April 01, 2003