A horney male soldier in the field or on deployment that can/will not get sex from a female, and rolls up a sock nice and tight like a vagina and proceeds to have "relations" with it.
Soldier 1: I walked in on SSG Kennedy, and he was fucking a damn sock!

Soldier 2: Kennedy is such a SOCKFUCKER
by The real Beav April 13, 2006
Top Definition
Hopeless guy in his late 20's to early 30's that was never kissed and lives in his moms basement. Pretends sock is a woman while looking at free thumbnails. Usually unemployed.
Do not shake hands with a sock fucker.
by Top Gunt June 03, 2004
An adolescent boy whom has just discoverd masterbation.
usually has an acne riddin face, underbite, and his diet consists of chicken nugguts and mr. pib. Has no funds to buy lub or tissues. because he spends his money on Mcdonalds, comics and soft core anime porn. So he masterbates with his sock and tosses it in the laundry.
Mom: I wish our son wasnt a sock fucker.
Dad: When i was his age i was way to up in the pipe to try that.
Mom: i want a divorce.
by Walter Fishington September 23, 2010
One who is extremely bored that they place a tube sock upon their penis and continualy thrust back and fourth until climax has been reached!

"terry was so bored that he pick up his grandfathers tube sock and had a field day! What a sock fucker!"
by big harry johnson lovers March 31, 2007
A term for an annoying ass that seems to know everything but has never been with a woman before. Most likely will be in love with sock puppets or the sock drawer the rest of his life. Mostly used as an insult.
HEY! Shut your mouth Sock Fucker!
by Joke Of The Day 4 March 29, 2015
a person who removes all other articles of clothing but fails to remove their socks before intercourse; usually male
So I was hooking up with this guy last night and he was a SOCK FUCKER!!!
by missbirdle July 11, 2010
One that has intercourse with their socks on.
Your mom has intercourse with her socks on; ergo, she is a sock fucker.
by xcryptic February 27, 2006
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